For the encouragement of Catholic Culture and the growth of the Catholic Gentleman.

Welcome to Whiskey Catholic, the product of three friends’ long-held passion for the only three objects worth pursuing: Catholicism, culture, and whiskey.  While not being experts in any one of these fields, we hope our enthusiasm and honesty are evident in the content. In many ways, our whiskey reviews will serve as a gateway to a broader discussion of Catholic Culture.  The best material is created by those with real love for their subject, and while we will primarily focus on culture and whiskey, each writer has wide-ranging interests that will hopefully add further quality to Whiskey Catholic.

We encourage our readers to enjoy whiskey while realizing its capacities for both good and evil.  Enjoy the experience; don’t get caught up in the particulars.  While we on this blog might rate specific attributes of an individual whiskey, remember it is the company and conversation that makes a memorable experience, not the drink.

Armed with a limited knowledge on the art of whiskey tasting, several brand new whiskey glasses, and great friends to enjoy libations with, we endeavor here to give introductions and reviews to whiskeys from all over the world.  Hopefully our knowledge of whiskey and our abilities as critics will improve over time, but in the meantime we are extremely excited to start this project. Cheers! Prost! Pro salute papa!

Michael is a Pittsburgh attorney with a lovely wife and newborn daughter.

Andrew is a young professional and is currently single.

Nicholas is now in religious life.

The three of us are currently at different places in our personal lives, something we hope will enrich our discussions. These are also transitory times for each of us, a time when we are experiencing growth and change in our lives professionally and vocationally. We believe that our growth and transitions will bring a breadth of perspectives to our views on Catholic Culture as we try to become true Catholic Gentlemen.

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“Do not still drink water, but use a little [whiskey] for thy stomach’s sake, and thy frequent infirmities.” – 1 Timothy 5:23

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