Bourbon Review: John E. Fitzgerald Larceny


Larceny whiskey predates prohibition, and the John E. Fitzgerald line hearkens back to prohibition days, when Treasury Agent John E. Fitzgerald, charged with keeping the bourbon barrels safely locked in the rickhouses, would occasionally steal a drink for himself.  Larceny tries to market the Fitzgerald line with a sense of history, mystery, and intrigue.  We decided to find out if the whiskey was worth Agent Fitzgerald risking his job.

Type: Kentucky Small Batch Bourbon
Aged: 6 Years
Proof: 92
MSRP: $25

LarcenyColor: Sunny, almond copper
Aroma: We were surprised to find that Larceny had a fresh, yet light, woody flavor with vanilla undertones.  The aromas became more defined as the bourbon opened up.
Pallet: Larceny had a surprisingly rich taste given its smell.  It had a full, lasting finish, although there was certainly a slight prickly sensation.  There was also a dominant creamy caramel sensation throughout.

Michael:  This is a really thoughtful, interesting Bourbon.  The taste was a little softer than I expected but I appreciated the full finish and the caramel overtones.  I wouldn’t risk my job over it though…
Andrew:  The taste revealed the light caramel and vanilla overtones first noticeable in the fresh aroma.  The full-bodied finish makes this whiskey suitable for a cold winter’s day.
Nicholas: The taste was surprisingly full-bodied, a worthy first whiskey for our blog. While the taste was a bit harsh and the aroma failed to do justice to the subtleties of the flavor, it is an enjoyable bourbon that would make John E. Fitzgerald proud.

Verdict: Mars, or the fifth level of the Paradiso out of ten.

–M.A.N. (Michael, Andrew, and Nicholas)

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