Bourbon Review: Angel’s Envy

Angels Envy

Angel’s Envy is an artisan bourbon created by Lincoln Henderson, a “living legend” of the bourbon industry.  Angel’s Envy is marketed as his masterpiece, created in small batches and tasted by Henderson personally throughout the aging process.  Created since 2010, this Kentucky bourbon is aged for four to six years in American oak barrels.  The bourbon is then aged for three to six months in port barrels, giving it a uniquely smooth and sweet flavor.  The bourbon is called Angel’s Envy out of respect for the Angel’s Share, a reference to the fact that for each year a bourbon ages, about 5% of it is soaked into the barrel.  As good Catholics, the name  made the bourbon irresistible.

Type: American Kentucky Bourbon
Aged: 4-6 years
Proof: 87 proof
MSRP: $55

Angels EnvyColor: Medium gold
Aroma: Sweet wine and vanilla with caramel becoming more prominent upon opening.  The port flavors were evident immediately when we nosed the bourbon but they became more prominent after we allowed the drink to breathe.
Pallet: Sweet and salty with a light, cool finish.  The hints of port were present both with the initial taste and through the finish.  The bourbon did a nice job adhering to the original aroma.

Michael: As far as bourbons go, I thought Angel’s Envy was very smooth with a nice caramel flavor.  The hint of port almost gives it an after-dinner feel.  Although Angel’s Envy is somewhat simplistic, it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a fine sipping whiskey, which it accomplishes very well.
Andrew:  I thoroughly enjoyed this rather sweet whiskey, and would definitely suggest as a dessert drink.  The aroma isn’t particularly complex, but it’s easy to appreciate the classic caramel and vanilla flavors of the bourbon.
Nicholas: A solid, albeit simple, bourbon that benefits from being aged in port barrels. The sweet port flavors become more pronounced as it opens up, creating a nice sipping bourbon (though I’m not sure the angels have anything to be envious of).

Verdict: Saturn, the 7th level of Paradiso

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