Whiskey Review: Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace

Buffalo Trace prides itself on being the most awarded distillery of the past decade.  Family owned in Kentucky, the company tries to channel the rugged American pioneer spirit that so many others in the market use as inspiration.  Harlen Wheatley serves as Master Distiller to the operation which dates back to the 1770’s.  The whiskey gets its name from the Buffalo-forged path on the distillery’s property.

Buffalo Trace prides itself on using local ingredients, purchasing local corn, rye, and malted barley.  The whiskey is aged at least eight years and comes highly recommended by a reader in Minnesota.Buffalo Trace

Type: American Whiskey
Aged: 8 years
Proof: 90 proof
MSRP: $25

Color: Deep Amber
Aroma: Caramel with vanilla.  Oak, toffee, and mint undertones became more prominent upon opening.
Pallet: Caramel sweetness upon first taste.  There was some salt to the drink but it quickly gave way to a long, sweet finish.  The aroma prepared us for a full, sweet flavor with slight spice and the taste delivered exactly.

Michael: This is a solid American sipping whiskey.  It does not pretend to have complex taste, but rather concentrates on sweetness and smoothness, two things it does exceptionally well.  It makes for a good pre-dinner drink.  Dollar for dollar I think this might be one of the best American whiskeys available.
Andrew: I would consider Buffalo Trace a simple, classic American bourbon.  It’s hard to find anything extraordinary about this whiskey, but it’s also hard to find many flaws.
Nicholas: If you were to ask me to describe this whiskey in one word, I might first ask you why I would want to limit my review in such a way that I might fail to give a precise description. Then, after some coaxing, I might tell you that Buffalo Trace is “solid”. Everything you want in an everyday bourbon.

Verdict: Jupiter, the 6th level of Paradiso

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