Scotch Review: Laphroaig


We enjoyed Ardbeg so much that we just had to try another Islay Scotch.  Laphroaig prides itself on styling its Scotch on the ruggedness of the Islay landscape, embracing the challenges that the secluded isle poses.  Laphroaig began when some local farmers had excess barley, barley originally grown for cattle feed.  They used the barley to make Scotch whisky, which was particularly good because of the pure water the location had.  The scotch became so distinguished that raising cattle was quickly abandoned.  Laphroaig has a reputation for being unabashedly peaty.  We knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Type: Islay Single malt Scotch
Aged: 10 year
Proof: 86 proof
MSRP: $60

LaphroaigColor: Light bronze
Aroma: Very strong, peaty aroma.  Sea foam was also dominant but slowly gave way to coal tones and a hint of sweetness upon opening.  The aroma signaled that the peatiness was going to be the signature of this Scotch.
Pallet: The first instant of the taste was sweet but quickly gave way to an overwhelming, pleasant flood of peatiness.  The taste delivered on the aroma with an exactness that has thus far been unparalleled in our reviews.  The peatiness eventually gave way to smoke and salt.  There was a pleasant and smooth finish, which filled the mouth with a wonderful smokey flavor.  The finish was so smokey that it gave the impression of a fresh cigar.

Michael: I liked this even more than Ardbeg.  The makers of this Scotch knew that the peatiness was so breathtakingly good that it couldn’t be augmented.  I knew the strong peatiness was coming and was still surprised by its strength and power.  Absolutely a superior scotch.
Andrew:  I usually like Islay whiskys, but this is by far one of my favorites.  The Laphroaig never ceases to impress, with an smoky, peaty taste that perfectly mirrors its aroma.   The strong finish remains for quite some time, making this a very enjoyable scotch whisky.
Nicholas: Laphroaig is definitely of the school of thought that if some peat is good, more peat is better. A powerful, but deliciously rich, Scotch that outperformed my already high expectations. I highly recommend it.

Verdict: Primum Mobile, the 9th level of Paradiso

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