Easter Drinks: Mississippi Mud

Mississippi Mud

The Church commands us to celebrate the rising of Christ over the next several weeks, and we are more than happy to oblige by sharing some of our favorite celebratory drinks with you.  First up is the Mississippi Mud, a personal favorite.  We first tried the Mississippi Mud during a typical Boston snowstorm (Nemo). Stuck indoors during a blizzard with nothing to do we were determined to get this drink right.

A Mississippi Mud has four basic ingredients, chocolate, whiskey, coffee, and whipped cream.  Put either chocolate chips or a block of chocolate in the bottom of a mug and add whiskey.  Carefully pour freshly made coffee (preferably Mystic Monk) on top and stir quickly so that the chocolate melts and dissipates IMG_2087evenly in the drink.  Top with whipped cream to taste.  Usually whipped cream is added with a spoon, not poured, if home made so that the drink is properly layered.

A Mississippi Mud is best enjoyed with a good Walker Percy novel.

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