Whiskey Review: Millars Special Reserve

Millars Special Reserve

Millars is part of the new generation of resuscitated Irish brand names, which we previously discussed in relation to Tyrconnell.  Millars, which seems to be out of production more frequently than it is in production, doesn’t necessarily have a long Irish pedigree in terms of a brand name.  Instead, the Cooley distillery seems to be cashing in on a brand name that is readily identifiable as “Irish.”  In Ireland, Millars is marketed as Millars Black Label, but to avoid brand confusion it is marketed as Millars Special Reserve in the United States.

Type: Irish Whiskey
Aged: 10 year
Proof: 80 proof
MSRP: $35

IMG_1624Color: Spring Straw
Aroma: Sweet floral, fresh cut grass.  Floral notes become sweeter upon opening
Pallet: Taste is immediately salty and sweet with some unidentifiable mineral tones.  The taste is consistent from beginning to end without the complexity seen in peer whiskeys.

Michael: I haven’t been impressed with the Irish whiskeys we’ve tried so far, and Millars was no different.  It has an unpleasantly hard, mineral flavor that I just don’t care for.
Andrew:  There were no surprises on this blended whiskey, and while its flavor is somewhat bland, it isn’t be fair to compare it to a Scotch. It boasts a traditional Irish flavor, and I’d certainly recommend it in an Irish coffee.
Nicholas: I have never been a fan of the standard Irish Blends, and this one is no different. An average whiskey with nothing memorable about it…kind of like Dublin?

Verdict: Mars, the 5th level of Paradiso

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