The Better (Catholic Gentleman) Project

Several months ago, a good friend of mine told me about a new venture he had undertaken. He called it the “Better Me Project”. The goal of this “project” was to develop himself into the best possible man he could be. At the outset, he listed things that would improve him intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually. He wanted to learn a new language, become adept at socializing in different settings, acquire a better and more refined wardrobe, rediscover Jazz and develop an appreciation of Classical music, get back into shape, and most importantly, grow stronger in faith. The idea is that we are all called to be the best possible men we can be, and setting definite goals in the process of developing both our natures, and our supernatures, is something that we should constantly be doing. Aristotle, and later Aquinas, define natures principally in terms of motion or movement towards an end. Let us all seek to continue to grow and move towards our ends as Catholic Gentlemen.

Bettering ourselves intellectually, socially, physically, and spiritually should be a lifelong goal. Identifying areas in our life that need improvement (which is pretty much every aspect…) and the working to better ourselves in these areas. I myself started on the “Better Nicholas Project” several months ago, and I hope to continue to identify and develop different things throughout the rest of my life. We should always be working to become better men.

One particular help in the “Better Nicholas Project” has been the assistance of friends. I can bounce ideas, get their perspectives, and ultimately get tips and feedback on how I am doing. Andrew recently decided to start the “Better Andrew Project”, and Michael and I have been giving him tips (most of which are just mild insults…but remember Catholic Banter?). But, the results are already starting to show.

One thing that is especially beneficial in identifying and then developing different aspects as it pertains to the way we live our faith, is enlisting the aid of a Spiritual Director. Bouncing ideas off of them and getting their advice and input is a great aid in our spiritual lives. Their help is invaluable in working to continue growing, and should be sought frequently.

We should never be content with the way that we are now. We should always be working to grow in virtue, and identifying the areas that we struggle, and then working on them is always necessary. Let us always strive in the “Better Catholic Gentleman Project”.

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