Scotch Review: Glenfiddich 12 Year

Glenfiddich 12 Year

Glenfiddich is unquestionably the most recognizable and successful Scotch whisky from a marketing standpoint.  Not only is it the best selling whisky in Scotland, but it currently holds a full 30% market share in worldwide scotch sales, a stunning figure considering the vast diversity of scotches readily available at the average liquor store.

Glenfiddich is a Speyside Scotch begun in 1886 in the “Valley of the Deer.”  A family operation from the start, the Grant clan spent a full year constructing its distillery before the first drops of whisky could be produced on Christmas Day 1887.  By 1909 the family had transformed the local distillery into an international operation, sending representatives to five continents in search of sales, no small feat in the period.  The family still retains control of the distillery, one of the few family operations left in the country.

Given the scotch’s success, we had high hopes for Glenfiddich.

Type: Speyside Single malt Scotch
Aged: 12 year
Proof: 80
MSRP: $42

Glenfiddich 12 YearColor: Summer Gold
Aroma: Light nose but very sweet with hints of honey.  Banana and pear linger in the background and become more subtle upon opening.  Opening makes flavors more feint instead of revealing complexities.
Pallet: Sweet and cooling initially with a pleasant, warm finish.  Very mild flavor, reminiscent of a cool summer morning.

Michael: The pallet did not match the aroma, in my opinion.  There’s something to be said for having a smooth, subtle flavor, but this Speyside frankly went beyond that and was just plain weak.  Disappointing.
Andrew: I was expecting more from this popular Speyside, but it was a solid Scotch nonetheless.  The light, simple flavor, wasn’t exceptional, but it wasn’t altogether bad either.
Nicholas: Sub-par and overrated Scotch that is far better at marketing than making whisky.

Verdict: Saturn, the 7th level of Paradiso

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