Comments to Open Tuesday

Several readers have e-mailed us asking for a comments section.  Generally speaking, in the first year it is best for a new blog’s growth if it refrains from opening the comments section.  Given the rapid growth of the blog and the numerous requests from readers, however, we have decided to begin allowing comments Tuesday.

First, we’re incredibly excited to open the comments section.  We’ve been receiving so many amazing e-mails and just can’t wait to get even more feedback from our readers.  This has been a great experience for the three of us and we get even more excited knowing that there are so many other Catholics out there who are fired up about the same issues we are.

We would like to request that our readers use the comment threads as much as possible.  When using the comments threads, please help us police their content.  Nicholas is preparing to enter seminary, Andrew is currently working full time, and I am preparing to take the Texas bar exam.  While we will eventually read every comment it will likely be on a daily basis only, and therefore we need active participation from the readership to respond to frivolous arguments.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Finally, there will be several other new features coming to the blog in the next few months.  There are some tweaks to the blog format in the works, making it easier to read articles from several months ago, and there might even be an unveiling of Whiskey Catholic swag.  T-shirts and nosing glasses for everyone?

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