Scotch Review: Peat Monster

Peat Monster

Peat Monster is a blended Scotch made by Compass Box, a company specializing in high-end artisan blends.  The London-based company produces a line of five different blends, each of which are radically different in their taste.  Compass Box’s strategy is to create new, unique tastes by producing blendeds based on quality, not price.  The goal is to produce drinks which taste objectively superior to traditional scotches, even if the process breaks all the traditional rules favoring single malts.

Type: Blended Scotch
Aged: Blended
Proof: 92
MSRP: $57

Color: Straw
Aroma: Strong honey and peat aromas at the outset.  Pear and sweeter sherry notes present as well.  Upon opening, light wood or cinnamon. Peat Monster
Pallet: Cool initial taste with sweet sherry notes, strong spice, and salt giving way quickly to strong peat.  Peat coats the tongue and remains for several seconds.

Michael: I was initially very suspicious of this blended scotch, in part because I’m suspicious of blendeds and in part because I am highly suspicious of anything with a gimmicky name, like Peat Monster.  That being said, Compass Box did a really nice job here.  They effectively combined the best attributes of scotches from the Highlands and those from Islay.  While this might not be a drink for “purists,” Peat Monster is well thought out, fun, and interesting.
Nicholas: Compass Box has crafted a fine blend from some seriously good single malts. I highly recommend this ultra-peaty, yet subtle and balanced, blend. Truly a master craft.

Verdict: Saturn, the 7th level of Paradiso.


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