Scotch Review: Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban

We’ve previously reviewed the Glenmorangie Original, but Glenmorangie is a powerhouse Highland distillery with several different brands and varieties.  The other scotches produced under the Glenmorangie label use the same distilling process as the original but are aged for different lengths and in different barrels.  Since the 1980s, Glenmorangie has been trying different combinations of barrels to create different and more diverse flavor profiles, and this has resulted in several “extra matured” editions which are finished in port, sherry, or other types of barrels.  The Quinta Ruban is one of these, spending ten years in American white oak barrels before being finished in port casks from Portugal.

Type: Highland Scotch
Aged: 12 Years
Proof: 92
MSRP: $59
Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban
Color: Deep amber
Aroma: Wonderfully smooth port aroma.  No noticeable harsh elements such as wood, smoke, or peat.  Honey and slight citrus notes become more prominent upon opening.
Pallet: Predominantly sweet and smooth without sacrificing any of the identifying characteristics of a highland.  Initial taste is quite cool and smooth.  Middle taste does have a very slight smokey feel which is generally overpowered by citrus and mint-like notes.  The finish leaves the tongue coated for several minutes.

Michael: With the exception of the Islay trilogy, the Quinta Ruban is without question my favorite scotch.  The flavor profile is fascinating and avoids the “gimmicks” usually seen in special edition releases.  Like most scotches, the Quinta Ruban is best served as an after-dinner drink.  I would highly recommend this bottle to any scotch enthusiast, as I think the superiority of its flavor is self-evident, even to those without a background in scotch tasting.  Absolutely a superior sipping whisky.

Andrew: I thought this was one of the most interesting and enjoyable whiskys I’ve tried.  The bold citrus and port flavors give way to a sweet finish.  It builds on the flavors of the Glenmorangie Original (which I like as well), but it brings something unique to the table.  This is definitely one of my favorite scotches.

Verdict: Primum Mobile, the 9th level of Paradiso.

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