#IStandWithThomasPeters Day

Several months ago Catholic blogger Thomas Peters suffered a life-altering swimming accident that left him in a wheel chair with a broken neck.  Thankfully, his rehabilitation is progressing, and we here at Whiskey Catholic want to take a brief moment to alert our readers to the online fundraiser taking place today for his benefit.

On a personal note, Thomas Peters was one of the first writers to speak up for the Church on the internet.  His American Papist blog was one of the first strong, Catholic voices on the internet, and I distinctly remember how often his articles would be topics of conversation while I was an undergraduate at Boston College.  I was stunned at the news of his accident, mere days after he agreed to be interviewed on this website for our Whiskey Talk series.  We still very much hope to host him once his rehabilitation progresses to the point that he can easily type.

From the Thomas Peters Day website:

On November 14th, 2013… we want the whole world to hear the story of Thomas Peters and his powerful journey of suffering, sacrifice, faith, and love.

Will you join us on November 14th for the social media-thon,#IStandwithThomasPeters day?

Nearly four months ago, Thomas was left in critical condition after a swimming accident. Since then, Thomas has made amazing strides in his recovery, but he still has a long way to go. Thomas moved out of rehab two weeks ago and is finally home with his wife, my dear sister, Natalie. Read Thomas’ powerful reflection on his journey thus far and on what is to come: “Reflections on my time away.”

Thomas has always been a vocal advocate for life, marriage, and the faith.Throughout this whole journey, Thomas and Natalie have remained steadfast, and have been a shining example of marriage, love, and the faith. We are watching miracles happen every day, in Thomas and Natalie’s lives, but also in the lives of the people who have been touched by their story.

Help share their story and join us on November 14th for#IStandwithThomasPeters day!

On #IStandwithThomasPeters day, we also hope to raise funds to help Thomas and Natalie during this new transition and Thomas’ continued recovery. The medical bills are piling up and the transition home has been costly

The goal ? $25,000!

Breakdown of all of the costs/needs:

  • Health Insurance via Cobra
  • Manual Wheelchair co-payment
  • Renting a motorized wheelchair – transitional
  • Hospital bed
  • Motorized lift
  • Prescriptions and medical supplies
  • Home health aide 3x a week
  • Handicapped accessible apartment
  • Expenses and miscellaneous bills

Click here to find out how you can get involved online! #IStandwithThomasPeters

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