Good Catholic Goods: Brigittine Chocolates


The Brigittine Order was founded by St. Brigit of Sweden in 1346.  St. Brigit, a princess who generously donated her own estate for the foundation of the order, also formed a strict rule for the monks and nuns who would flock to the contemplative lifestyle.  The strict contemplative lifestyle endorsed by St. Brigit has uniquely armored her order for success in every age, including in modern times.  The Catholic Encyclopedia, for example, states that the Brigittines are the only pre-reformation Catholic order in England to survive to the current day.

In our present cultural age, the Brigittine Monks are a rare ray of hope that the contemplative lifestyle so important to the life and development of the Church will not be lost in our generation.

The Brigittine monks in the United States live according to the Rule of St. Augustine.  Adhering to the customs of ancient times, the monks do not ordinarily receive the Sacrament of Holy Orders.  Silence is generally observed.  Although the Mass is the apex of the day, each monk strives to help make the monastery a self-sufficient economic unit.  The monks in the United States are sustained through the sale of chocolate, which we highly encourage our readers to purchase.

There is something simply wonderful about a religious order that produces a superior product.  Attention to detail in daily work can be reflective of attention to detail in the spiritual life.  The chocolates are wonderful, some of the best I have ever had, and the boxes and wrappings are worthy of the product inside.  Perhaps the highest compliment one can give the monks on their handiwork is to say that the chocolates are so delicious and delightful that eating the Brigittine chocolates is the proper way to commemorate a liturgical season in which Mother Church commands us to celebrate.

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