Bourbon Review: Eagle Rare


Eagle Rare is brought to us by the highly renowned Kentucky distillery Buffalo Trace.  You may remember Buffalo Trace from our visit to the distillery or from our past review of its flagship product.  Buffalo Trace has firmly established itself as the cutting edge American distillery and each of its products are highly sought after.

Eagle Rare is an older, more mature, release than the more familiar Buffalo Trace Whiskey.  Aged for a minimum of ten years, each barrel is hand selected by the master distiller to achieve a consistent taste across bottles.  Eagle Rare has already brought home some hardware in 2015, earning a gold medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Type: Kentucky Bourbon
Proof: 90
MSRP: $36

Color: Copper
Aroma: Spice, herbal, vanilla, old wood, and tones of orange zest that become more pronounced on opening.
Palate: Very dark chocolate, intertwined with citrus and almonds. Finish is warm and dry.

Andrew: Eagle Rare is what a bourbon should taste like — classic, refined, and smooth.  I will certainly purchase another bottle because of the brand’s versatility; it will go down nicely either neat or in a cocktail.  Eagle Rare, likely the second or third best release from this distillery, is better than most flagship products.

Michael: I was slightly disappointed by Eagle Rare.  I did not think that the palate sufficiently matched the aroma and for me personally, it was a bit spicy for a bourbon.  Please note that I am in the minority here and that most whisky experts — which I am most decidedly not — give Eagle Rare high praise.  I am deferring to Andrew’s judgment for the verdict.

Verdict: Saturn, the 7th level of Paradiso.

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